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SQLite database 14-Feb-2016

XML database 19-Dec-2015

Desktop applications 01-Jun-2015

Reading email with PHP 14-Dec-2014

Responsive and mobile websites 26-Jan-2014

Searching sent emails in Outlook 2010 03-Sep-2013

Content managed websites 09-Aug-2013

Changing PHP extensions from MySQL to MySQLi 24-Dec-2012

Data Backup 08-Nov-2012

Recent project - my own cash flow reporting 23-Oct-2012

Free version of RoomCalendar 31-May-2012

First tax return and my invoicing system 31-May-2012

Google.co.uk home page now https 07-Mar-2012

Content Management Systems CMS 04-Mar-2012

Adding an eCommerce online shop to my own site. 23-Feb-2012

Recent project - eCommerce website, online shop 11-Nov-2011

Slow broadband in the evenings 01-Nov-2011

Website updates - dynamic menu and executing PHP in a .html page 22-Sep-2011

Internet Explorer 9 problems 14-Jun-2011

Gardening leave 07-May-2011

The transition from Microsoft Access to PHP/MySQL 12-Feb-2011

Working with a range of coding languages 17-Jan-2011

Software development environments - IDEs 13-Jan-2011

Object orientated coding V's procedural 02-Jan-2011

My first blog entry 31-Dec-2010