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My Clients

I have a diverse and growing number of clients. The work I do varies from day to day both by the type of work (web/desktop/design/programming) and the type of client (security company/bowls club/theatre company/lift engineer etc.)

Development and support of content managed website.


Development and support of two desktop applications in C#/Windows Forms/SQL Server for document management and ship weight management.


Website development.


Website with Content Management

For the BB&DBA, I designed their responsive, mobile friendly website along with building all the bespoke back-end functionality.

The client can log in and update almost all pages of the site - giving them control and allowing them to keep the site regularly updated.

Some of what they can do includes: adding news items containing text and photos, adding albums and photos into the Galleries page, adding competitions and updating other sections of content with text and photos.

They can also add their fixtures' lists and league tables. The client updates the results from league matches and the league table is automatically generated.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees needed a tool to use in the field to assist in the costing of water and sanitation services for refugees in urgent, short term and very long term situations.

Working with SheShe, we delivered a Data Visualisation tool which achieved this goal.  The technology used was Excel with advanced VBA customisation.


I work as a software developer with SheShe.  So far I've worked on an Excel Spreadsheet with lots of fairly advanced VBA coding.  It's using Excel as a database to perform statistical analysis on large amounts data.  We created a visually pleasing tool with intuitive navigation, a developed front-end and nicely formatted, printable reports and graphs.


I work with Image Directors on a range of different projects from building PHP/MySQL content managed websites to creating Microsoft Word templates.


I've worked with Operandi in building a report generating tool.  Using lots of VBA coding in MS Word, data is pulled from several spreadsheets and brought into Word where it's extensively formatted to create a very nice Word Document report.


As a fellow web developers, I work with Cyberise on a range of different web development projects from coding responsive web sites, to building, supporting and developing an online helpdesk ticketing system.


I work with James on several websites.  I provide technical and programming support and development and James provides the SEO expertise.


As a change management specialists, McNeill Associates often bring me in to companies they're working with.  We work together to develop both web and desktop IT solutions which deliver efficiency and help improve processes.


PHP Web Developer

I work with Fuel as a PHP web developer on a range of different content managed websites.


Bespoke content managed website

I built the basic website for the Greenwich networking event, including a responsive (mobile friendly) design and content management.

I also added a bespoke section to their content management.  Members can log in and record on a simple calendar whether they're attending an event or not.  They can also add comments.  There's two access levels.  Members can record their attendance and Admins can update other members attendance and manage the list of members.

There's also an emailing feature where members can email some or all members from the group - which is proving a popular way to communicate easily with the entire group.


Desktop Document Management System

I'm building a document management system for Magma Structures.  It's a C#/Windows Forms/SQL Server desktop application built with Visual Studio.

The system stores details on documents they use as well as managing the process of creating, updating and sending documents.

The system tightly integrates with the Microsoft Office products Word, Excel and Outlook.  It also integrates with AutoCAD.


Content managed website

I designed and built the company website.  It includes my custom built content management system so the client can log in and update website content - including photos, page titles and page descriptions.

I also set up email on all their devices (PC, laptop and smart phones).  I also set up Windows 8 on their new PC, which along with setting up POP email I installed MS Office and Dropbox.


Web based CRM application

I'm building a bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for APL.  It will include recording sales enquiries and generating quotes.  It will also generate invoices, purchase orders and record expenses.

It's web based - PHP/MySQL and the web design is responsive - using CSS3 @media queries so I build one site which renders nicely on both desktop and mobile devices.



I've designed and built a new website for a catering services knife sharpening business.

There was an existing site, which ranks in Google and had pages people may have bookmarked. I set up redirects on these pages to point to their equivalent on the new site - in order to maintain their Google ranking. This site also has nice clean urls.

There is also a mobile version of this site.


Website with Content Management

For the Francis Drake Bowls Club in Brockley, I designed their website along with building all the bespoke back-end functionality.

The client can log in and update almost all pages of the site - giving them control and allowing them to keep the site regularly updated.

Some of what they can do includes: adding news items containing text and photos, adding albums and photos into the Galleries page, embedding YouTube videos into the Movies page and updating other sections of content with text and photos.

A new addition to the site is the fixtures list and league table.  The client updates the fixtures list, records the results from league matches and the league table is automatically generated.


Microsoft Word/VBA/MS Forms application

I've taken over support of an MS Word template with an MS Form interface. Data is entered into the form, processed & used to produce a large Word document - a contract for actors in West End shows.

Loads of VBA and a steep learning curve of picking up another developers application and learning a new subject of London theatre.


Custom install of ICQ32 Online Invoicing

London & Kent Building Services are using their own custom copy of ICQ32.co.uk with a whole series of bespoke customisation to have it manage the lifecycle of their building projects. From quotes through to invoices, purchase orders, expenses and showing the net profit/loss of each of their jobs. A custom dashboard gives them an overview of all their jobs on one screen.

An export of supplier and customer invoices to CSV for upload into Sage removes the need to double or even triple-enter the same information into their existing systems and Sage.


Access Database for PDF document creation

I've built an Access database which populates MS Word templates, pulls in logos and data from other Word documents. These templates are then converted to PDFs which are merged into one large PDF.

Fully automated process saving loads of time.

Microsoft Access Database with lots of VBA.


Website with content management

I've taken over the existing Blackheath Luncheon Club website.

I've added content management which allows the site administrator to log in, upload photos and amend the textural content of certain parts of the site.


Website and Online invoicing - icq32.co.uk

Some cross-selling here. They're already signed up to my invoicing system and I've now built them a website.

I'm learning more and more about SEO and will be a good challenge to get this site the best search engine position possible. Within a couple of days of going live it was coming up on Google, Bing & Yahoo for the site name and within a week for some fairly broad keyword terms.


Upgrading and supporting their core database

I've taken over support of their C#/SQL Server desktop database. I'm implementing a set of upgrades with weekly deployments of new versions.


Website with content management

With lots of input from Angela, I redesigned the website for her interior design business. The website includes image slideshows, content management for 'The Yard' & 'Recent Work' sections and both follow and share social media links.

The Yard is a customised version of my eCommerce shop package.

Oct 2013.  Went live with eCommerce online shop.  Angela can log in and content manage all the products in her shop.  Her customers can pay securely with PayPal - using either their PayPal account or credit/debit card.


"I would thoroughly recommend Iain to build your website. He is professional, fast and really listened to what I wanted and needed. He advised and kept in contact throughout and made the whole process very easy for someone who is definitely not technically minded!"


Website with content management

I built the website for Tri-Cor Hinckley, a motorcycle breaker in Kent, specialising in Hinckley Triumph bikes. The website includes a content management system where the client logs in and uploads details and photos of the parts they're selling.

People viewing the site can browse for parts by motorcycle model and do keyword searches.

Aug 2012 - I improved the part search facility. Search queries now apply the "and" operator to multi-word searches. Plural search terms have the "s" removed. These refinements increase the chance of a customer finding the part they're looking for.

Jan 2013 - We added a new "Bikes for Sale" section


Assisted in building website

"Iain gave me good guidance on the best practices of building a basic website and writing my own HTML & CSS. He told me about HTML & CSS validators for tidying my code and expanding my knowledge. He also helped test my site on a variety of different browsers. Great guy to work with – highly recommended."