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My first blog entry


Hello. Welcome to my blog. It's new year's eve 2010 and I've spent most of today and yesterday building and adding this blog to my site. Is fully database driven and am pleased with it.

The reason I'm adding this blog is to share thoughts & ideas and hopefully get some of the same back. I'm hoping too that the IT based conversations will add some relevant content to my site and improve my organic search rankings...!

The end of my day job at the bank is in sight - after 11years. I'm stepping things up a gear with working for myself. I've redesigned my site and now need to get out my comfort zone a bit and try to sell myself, my products and services.

Working for myself, without all the politics and bureaucracy of a large company, really has to be the way forward. I've always hated that my progression, pay rises, bonuses and such like are all down the opinions of whichever boss I have - and can vary between bosses - the well know reason people quit and work for themselves. I've hit a ceiling too with my wages - to break thru I'd have to influence - have people work for me - but forget that - I want to write code.

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