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Google.co.uk home page now https


Why has the Google.co.uk homepage changed to https (rather than just http)?

This is a pain. I used to be able to just double click "google" in the address bar and type certain websites - but now I can't, because the home pages of these sites aren't https. The sites I mainly do this for ironically are my banking sites - which I don't want to add links to - I want to type every time.

It's of course not difficult to get around, but it's more clicking and typing.

I can't seem to find a setting in Chrome to turn this off - if anyone knows how - let me know.

It only seems to happen on Chrome (it's not happening on IE or FF)

Iain Clark 26-Mar-2012
Doesn't seem to be happening any more. I guess Google read my blog post and changed it back...

Iain Clark 23-Oct-2012
Looks like it happens when you Sign In to Google. If you sign out, it's still https. Clearing history gets rid of it - making it http.

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