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Gardening leave


I've been doing my day job with the bank for 11.5yrs. Yesterday was my last day going into work - I'm now on 3 weeks gardening leave before officially leaving at the end of May. Quite a strange felling leaving the office for the last time...

A nice thing is no more weekends - every day now is basically the same. I can choose to stay in on weekends when places are shut and the roads are busy, and instead go shopping, to the bank or post office during week days. I used to be a chef before doing an office job, so was used to having weekdays off and working weekends - so anti-social hours, but great for getting personal admin done!

If you've not heard of gardening leave it's where I'm still employed, but don't have to go in to work every day. I can still be called in - so can't take a job anywhere else until my official leaving date. It's common for sales people - who could be moving to a competitor - you wouldn't want them stealing your clients - or for me - doing and IT based role and having a long notice period but not taking on any new projects - so basically having noting to do all day!

So it's a kindof pre-unemployed (self-employed) period...I've unset my alarm clock, folded up my ironing board - no more shirts to iron and getting the first taste in a long time of life without a workplace to go to...

Bryn 29-May-2011
Ian I hope you are sober now. This is a test to see if you get quick notice of your blog responses. Do you fancy getting together next Tuesday morning to discuss some ideas that may be of mutual benefit. Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday. Regards Bryn

Iain 29-May-2011
Hello Bryn. I'm good thanks - I wasn't in as bad shape as Rob! So I wasn't making people put in their email addresses, it's not going to alert you I've posted this...something I can think about. But yes - Tuesday sounds good. Iain

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